Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About Me

About Me

I have segmental Vitiligo
on my face and some on my hair

after kinda not caring about it anymore, after almost 15 years
I am now so determined to get better.

So this is my "Heal Vitiligo" Blog
My journal of what I do to cure Vitiligo
I hope and wish to get better.
Hopefully it will help you too :)

healvitiligo [@] gmail [dot] com

About the Logo
Vitiligo is symbolized by the fading (dot dot dot) letter V
yup... the Vitiligo is going away
All we need to do is add a little love :)

Read My Vitiligo Story here


miraleo said...

youre so intense ! i loooooove it reminds of.........me!
im curious to whats going on with your vit.
i belong to the vit clan too.