Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Daily Do's

My Regime / Daily-Do's

Right now, I'm cleansing,
- Being a Vegan (no animal product, dairy, egg, etc)
* update : beginning of 2010 I started eating everything again, feel a bit "heavy" on the stomach, will eat better again :)
Organic produce are preferable.
Try to have as much Fresh Vegetables and Fruits as possible.
Remember to Chew well.
- Juicing, hopefully everyday
Important : Carrots + Beet + Celery because they are natural psoralens,
so they increase your sun sensitivity, but I've always been tan, so I don't get sunburn easily.
But since I don't really like the taste, haha.... so instead of unhappily forcing myself on gulping those 3 at one time.
I separate them and add Apples or Watermelon to get a better taste.
So it maybe Carrot + Beet + Apple or Celery + Watermelon + Apple.
that way I'm happier and the juice tastes a whole lot better :)
- Coconut,
There's a guy selling coconuts near my house.
So I often drink coconut water which is good for you (isotonic) and eat the yummy coconut meat.
- Drink lots of water,
I drink both distilled water and mineral water
(Nov 2009 my water distiller machine broke so I'm just drinking mineral water now)
- No fried food
- No white refined sugar
Coconut / Palm Sugar or Gula Malaka is allowed at times.
- No white refined carbs
(no white rice, no white flour)
- In short, avoid most Restaurant food huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........
Yes.... Sometimes I crave real food........ I love food.
But I've eaten everything my whole entire life, so it's time to give it a rest for a while. :)
so it's not dat big a deal coz I also love Veggies and Fruits.

- Put anything that's good on my white patches or skin.
So.... I'm lucky to work at home, so I don't have to put on make up in the morning bla bla bla
Everytime I juice, I also apply the juice on my face, it's also good to apply the juice when you're sunbathing.
So what I apply on my skin :
- Fruit juice
- Black Pepper (try searching "Black pepper for Vitiligo")
I read about research on black pepper for vitiligo.
so here we go,
(and yes, they do make you sneeze, apparently not just in cartoons)
I put the Ground Black pepper or the Powder on my palm, and slightly wet my skin and use my other finger to dab on the black pepper and just dab it on my skin.
it's best of course to use Organic Freshly Ground Black Pepper.
Just a word of warning, it stings / burns a little, sometimes a lot. It gives heat to your skin.
It's totally tolerable by me, and I kinda like it :P
but if you do want to try it, Test it first !!
- Ginger
Someone said it's good, so sometimes I apply it too.
It also stings a little, so again, if you do want to try it, Test it first !!
- Aloe Vera
Peel the skin and wash it, so you don't get the yellow sap.
then use that tiny spice blender to blend it into a thick liquid. (Don't add water)
and apply it everywhere, it's good for you.
- Neem leaves juice.
I haven't tried this, and since I have a neem tree growing like crazy in my garden.
So..... will try soon.
Some says to use it fresh, just crush the leaves, add a little bit of water to get the juice out and apply to skin.
Some says to boil it first. then use the water on skin.
It can also be used for mouthwash and be drank for health purposes, very bitter though.

- I Don't use any product that has whitener / brightening agent in it, and try to use Organic products (soap, shampoo, moisturizer, body lotion, etc), with no colouring and no parfum.

- (update, 24 July 2009)
Urine Therapy on my skin.
read here http://healvitiligo.blogspot.com/2009/07/can-urine-therapy-cure-vitiligo.html

- Breathe, deep breathing or stomach breathing.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is also a good option.
Or get one of those Portable Home Oxygen Unit to occassionaly breathe pure O2.
what ? you'd rather go to an Oxygen Bar ? Go right ahead then :)
- Prayers
- Lots of Laughter
I wanted to try Laugh Therapy but I'm afraid I might scare people off if I started laughing alone in my room.
- Be sincerely Happy and satisfied in Life.
It can be anything :
> Having a strong Motivation
> Doing something meaningful in your life or Knowing you are making a Difference
> Stop Procastinating, it burdens you. Start Doing Something right now.
Add a Reminder. www.Creative-Hands.org
> Simply Loving what you do, love your job
> Do what you love (Exercising, Playing with your Pets, Designing, Spend time with your loved ones, Learning new Stuff : how to Paint / Dance / a new Language, etc)
> Volunteer in a Charity, or if you're not ready to jump in, Start by donating........ Sharing.... it gives a good feeling.

- Sunbathing every Morning.
I'm lucky to be living where the Sun always shine.
just have to fight the sleepyhead in me, though. :)

- Sleeping.
Our body need sleep to heal.
So have a good night sleep and wake up refreshed the next day :)
Naps are also allowed, even short naps are proven to give you more energy when you wake up.

- Accupressure
am trying to find a good information on this subject

- Reflexology

This is however an ongoing process. So I will keep updating my blog about how I'm progressing with my approaches.


Lantern Dreams said...

Hello there!
I have vitiligo as well although it's very limited (knees and lower back). I noticed that I began to notice it during junior high school when I was under a lot of stress. Ever since whenever I de-stress my life I notice that my spots start to improve and not spread anymore.

I just wanted to tell you I admire your positive attitude. In fact, I've been meaning to go vegetarian/vegan for a while but have been putting it off but you have inspired me to begin today.

Looking forward to your future posts!

HealVitiligo.com said...

Hi Lantern Dreams,

Thank you for your comment :)
Vegan or Non vegan,
Vitiligo or No Vitiligo,
it's best that we ...
1. eat a healthy balanced diet
(enjoy the food and chew chew chew)
2. exercise & have fun doing it
3. BE HAPPY :)