Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alkaline Diet and Vitiligo

So what is this Acid-Alkaline Diet ?
It's a diet that helps to maintain and balance our body's natural pH ratio.
Acidity causes pH imbalance in our body and this triggers our health problems.
All meat,dairy products, bad fats, white paste, white bread, sugary food and drinks, some nuts, etc are considered acid.
Alkaline diet doesn't suggest that you become a Vegan, but 70%-80% of what you eat should be Alkaline, which are mostly healthy Vegetables, sprouts, some non sweet Fruits, some seed, some nuts and healthy Oils, etc
In short, Alkaline = Good, Acid = Bad

and yes... Emotions cause Acidity in our body !! and it's bad for you !!!
So be be Happy, Just let go, Life is to short, Smile and Enjoy your Life :)

Dr. Robert O. Young is one of the doctors dealing with Acid-Alkaline Diet.
The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

I haven't read his book yet.
On the book review, Some say it's really good, and some says this diet requires many supplementations that the Dr. sells.
But for now, Let's just focus on the benefits of the acid-alkaline diet. :)
(I personally think the idea of Acid-Alkaline diet totally makes sense and I'm not even taking any supplementations at the moment)

Can Acid-Alkaline Diet cure and heal Vitiligo ?
There are some mention about Alkaline diet and Vitiligo

But Can Acid-Alkaline Diet definitely cure and heal Vitiligo ?
Can anything really heal Vitiligo ?
Only we can find out for ourselves :)
What works for me might not works for you and vice versa.
So it's really up to us to try to get better healthily in our own way :)
and it takes motivation, efforts, hope, and patience.

Here are some list of websites that have the acid-alkaline food charts :
Some info are a little different.
I don't think there's yet to be a definite rule of what's acid-alkaline-neutral.
for example.
some would categorized watermelon as alkaline, some as neutral.
Again, just use your common sense and don't overeat 1 type of food :)


Anonymous said...

i think youre on to something! anything can be healed.

peace and love