Monday, August 10, 2009

Black Pepper and Olive Oil on Vitiligo

(yup, pepper do make you sneeze)
I usually just use freshly ground black pepper (organic if available) and a tiny bit of water to dab the black pepper on my vitiligo skin (my face)
After a while, after the "sting" is gone, I'd just splash my face with water and that's it :)

I read that some people mix black pepper powder with creme / face cream / etc and apply it to the Vitiligo patch.
I never tried that.
I just want to use all natural thing , especially my Vitiligo is on my face.
yea... look who's talking, I still use a non-natural face moisturizer on my face every now and then.

But today, I tried mixing black pepper with a tiny bit of Olive Oil.
I just used a tiny bit of Olive Oil and add a lot of freshly ground black pepper.
and dabbed it on my skin....
I found that this way I can dab more black pepper on my skin.

But !!!
The Olive Oil is a bit runny...
and since I dabbed it near my left eye, after around 5 mins, it slowly "flows" down and I got a lil bit of it in my eye.... My Bad !
It stings a bit, so I had to run to the sink and splash lots of water on my eye.
but nothing bad happened :D I can still see :P
so make sure you put lots of black pepper until the mix turns all black and thick and not all oily and runny.

I think I'll do it this way... although afterwards, I need to wash my face with facial wash because, hey it's oily :)