Sunday, August 30, 2009

Candida and Vitiligo

I just found an article that Vitiligo might be linked to Candidiasis.
Christina wrote a really good article based on her experience and the book Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook, Revised 2nd Edition by Jeanne Marie Martin
"People most susceptible to candidiasis are ......... and people with compromised immune systems (i.e those of us who have vitiligo!), doers, givers, overachievers, excessive stress and not enough sleep"
You can read her throughout explanations and the Diet Restrictions there.

hmmm......So Candida may be linked to Vitiligo....

What is candida ? candidiasis ?
It is yeast and fungal overgrowth that may be causing many of our unresolved health problems.
Most of us don't even realize that we have candida.

What are the symptoms of candidiasis ?
Skin problems (skin infections, psoriasis, acne, eczema)
Stomach problems
Cravings for sugar
Fatique and constant sleepiness
Trouble concentrating
Poor memory
Sore throat
and there are more.

So I googled "How to cure candidiasis ?"
basically, We need to starve the candida by not giving them sugars.
yup....Most of the information I googled said that Candida feeds on sugar.
So it's best to avoid Sugar !!!!
Don't eat sugar including Sweet Fruits....Whatt ???? (will talk about that later on)
Don't eat starch/carbs/grains (they contain sugar)
and there are other Food Restrictions :)
Let's just say Junk Food is out of the questions (yes that includes fried food)
White carbs (white rice, white flour, etc) are no good
Actually there are quite a lot of food restrictions, go google it :)
and Some articles say that a Raw Food diet might help cure candida as well.

About the No sweet fruit part,
This is also mentioned in Dr. Robert O Young's blog
His focus here is about alkaline and acid food and didn't specifically mention candida, but he mentioned that sweet fruits are to be avoided because we just don't need that much sugar and that sugar is making us sick and tired and age fast.
and He also said that Avocados, tomatoes, grapefruits, lemons, limes are low sugar fruit and are good for you.
(He has a book focusing on Acid Alkaline Diet called The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health)

but on another article here
He mentioned that Candida is an issue that comes from eating too much fat, not from too much sugar.
and that it's better to eat small amounts of avocados, nuts and seeds and not to eat them daily.

So.... a website mentions not to eat sugar, including sweet fruits, another mentioned not to eat food with high fat content.
It's confusing, isn't it ?
Don't Eat Sweet Fruits ????
I just couldn't understand it, most of my life I've been told that it's ok to eat as much fruits as possible because it's totally healthy. I love watermelon, peaches, mangoes, apples, durians, pears, melon,... all kinds of fruits.
(Well... too much of anything is not good for you)
and Now I have to stop eating the fruits that I love, because they're not good for you ??
but Hey....

Just use common sense.

1. This is the milder easier route
If you have any symptoms or you suspect it....
(This is actually good even if you don't have candida)
You may want to start by avoiding any simple sugar.
You may want to Avoid :
- Avoid Desserts (cakes, ice creams, cookies, etc)
- Avoid Sweet drinks (soft drinks, syrup, cocktails, even fruit juice)
- Avoid white rice and white flour (bread, crackers)
- If you can't avoid fresh sweet fruits entirely, You may allow yourself sweet fruits in a non excessive amount :)
Then you'll see that you feel better and don't crave sugar as much anymore.
You might even lose some weight and have your best weight :)
and If you want, you can continue below.

2. If you're strong willed and are motivated.
A good thing to do is to cleanse and detox and do a Fast if you can.
(but then again, most of the detoxing method I know involves eating fruits only or drinking fruit+vegs juice, aka sweet fruits aka sugar...... so I need to find more info on this)
Whatever you do, Do it right, don't force yourself.
So, detox and cleanse (no coffee and tea too)
then.... Do the Candida Diet, there are a lot of info out there, go look it up.
Also, No sweet fruits for now !!
As for me, I'm a Vegan now (
Remember, don't eat sugar, don't eat simple carbs and Eat Healthy Food !!!
yes... that means no fried food, no junk food, no canned food, you know what they are.
remember to just use common sense, don't overeat one type of food, even if you think it's healthy.
Always eat lots of different types of nutritious Food (more Vegetables !!!)
but you have to enjoy eating them, don't sulk while eating !!! It affects your whole body :)

After a while, the symptoms will go away and you may slowly re-introduce sweet fruits again in your diet, but in small portions :) Be in Control.
After all, I think Fruits are one of Human's Natural Food :D
Of course , as with everything in life, too much of everything is bad for you.
So..... Have a Healthy Balanced Life.
Eat a Healthy Rainbow Food that contains a mix of everything Healthy.
Never overeat and always chew your food well to help digestion.
Have a Happy Meaningful Life, Exercise and have Fun, Laugh out Loud, Have a purpose in Life.
Really, It's all linked together, so Having a Healthy Balanced Life is very very important :)

You know... thinking about Candida linking to Vitiligo and about how Candida feeds on sugar, or fats.
Heyy......So that's probably why I crave sugar so bad nowadays....
besides the fact that I've always have a sweet tooth ;p

I honestly don't know if I have candida or not,
but I have Vitiligo (Auto Immune disease)
The symptoms of Candidiasis vary but it includes Intense cravings for sugars and carbs and fatique which I'm experiencing nowadays, plus I seem to get irritated quickly.
well, that's not a definite sign of candida.
but when I first started my Healthy Diet with a Fresh strong motivation, I didn't have sugars at all for 2 months, (but still ate fruits) and I didn't crave desserts, etc..... I get my sweet treats from fruit, I supposed that's ok. I was feeling good.
But since I've allowed myself some simple sugar desserts, grains, carbs, I seem to crave sugary food all the time.
and I really crave them..... I just want to eat desserts everyday now.
So, I don't know, maybe I have candidiasis, maybe I don't.

So this is what I'm gonna do :
I'm going to, again, cut all simple sugars and simple carbs.
(No palm sugar, No white sugar, No whole wheat bread, No rice)
I'll still have sweet fruits in small portions, I'll allow eating sweet potato when I need carbs.
I might still drink carrot+beet+celery juice for my Vitiligo, but I'm looking for a good blender so I can drink all of the fibre instead of just the liquid.
And after a while, I know all my sugar cravings will go down a bit and then....
I'll try to not eat sweet fruits at all.
I mean, it won't hurt....even if I don't have candida, I'll be doing myself a favor by not eating sugar and carbs.
The "restricted" food choices are actually beneficial and a powerful immune booster which will result in an overall healthy you.

So.... I will start doing the combination of :
- Vegan "Healthy Rainbow" diet (
(that also means no Fried food)
and I'll try to eat more raw Organic Vegetables
(there are some articles that Raw Food can help cure Candida)
along with the
- Vitiligo restriction diet.
No sour food, no spicy food.
will try chickpeas, ginko biloba, goji berry, neem
- Candida Diet :
No sugar
No grains, No carbs, yes, that means no sweet potato as well.
and Most Importantly -- No sweet Fruits !!

How long will I be doing this ?
Hopefully a whole month and we'll see what happens.

What if you don't really have candida after all ?
Won't it be a waste restricting yourselves of all the yummy food out there ?
Hey.... you'll definitely be healthier for one, and you'll definitely have your best weight (either lose or gain, healthily)
and you won't die by not eating sugar for a while.
But as always, do your own research because everyone is different and consult your doctor if you want to do a drastic change in your diet.
As for me..... I'm totally fine with my "Healthy Rainbow" Diet and it's not even a Diet really, it has easily become an everyday thing.
I enjoy eating Vegetables and other healthy food, asides from some minor cravings every now and then, I'm mostly satisfied with what I eat :D

More info on Candida
just google it... you'll find a lot of information.... even though some of the sites sells candida medications, but you can still benefit from reading the information there :)

PS. I also read somewhere that candida medications don't really work, they only relieve the symptoms and If you really want candida to go away completely, you have to change your Lifestyle (Healthy Diet + Healthy Happy Mind)

PPS. I kinda think this candida thing is like a "monster" living inside of me and the only way to kill it is by stop eating sugar. ;p hhohohoho