Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Benefit of changing your Diet / Lifestyle

Just a short answer to "Why should I change my daily Lifestyle ?" question
1. u might even cure and heal ur vitiligo :)
2. u are generally healthier
3. u have ur best weight, be it lose or gain
i'm not even trying to maintain my weight anymore, it's crazy.
my weight has been constant for 6 months now.

I mean, you don't even have to be a Vegan,
just start by eating healthier food.
I don't have to say more,
you know what junk food are
and you know what healthy foods are
just becareful because sometimes the food that we get at supermarkets that's marked as "healthy food" might not be healthy at all due to the high sugar content, overly processed, add in flavors/preservatives, etc
So read the labels !!!! and do your research !!
Or better yet... prepare your own meal
Just try eating healthier and you'll definitely feel much lighter and so much better :)

And try to minimize all that sleeping up late and stressing over the little things in life.
Rest properly and Cherish your Life, Focus on the good :)