Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vitiligo = overactive immune system ?

I should read more on the link between vitiligo and overactive immune system
but in the mean time, here's a link for a diet that calms an overactive immune system
(I know it's for pregnancy/women over 40, but you get a general idea.... in short, Eat Healthily)

But Vitiligo can also be linked to a suppresed immune system though, because our immune system is not working they way it should be and causing a "little chaos" (Vitiligo) in our body.

So which one is it ?
overactive immune system or a suppressed immune system ?
I don't know, hey they don't even know ;p
So I say we need to aim to have a healthy immune system, instead of deciding whether we have an overactive or a suppressed immune system.

Our immune system is affected when we :
- Stress
- Tired / Lack sleep
- Poor diet
- and of course, the Pollution affects all of our overall well being.

So we need
- Lots of pure Happiness
- Proper Rest,
- Healthy Nutrition,
- try to get the best out of our environment,
if you live in the polluted city, at least try to get out of town for some fresh air or just take a walk
often in the park and fill your lungs with healthy clean air.

These things are important so that our immune system can properly function in our body and do its best to keep us healthy.
Let's take care of ourselves :)


Unknown said...

Hi there, I was wondering if your diet has caused your vitiligo to be cured. I recently got vitiligo and it is spreading. I haven't done anything about it yet and would like to try something natural. My email is


Unknown said...

Hello, please send an update on your vitiligo I have it. Thanks! said...

Hi Simi,

My vitiligo is still here and honestly, I think it's still spreading, but at a very very slow rate, the spread's almost un-noticeable.
I'm not saying my diet has or hasn't cured my Vitiligo, but it certainly helps.
Common sense, if you eat well, have fun exercising, sleep well, laugh a lot, have a positive goal and motivation that you're doing something meaningful in life, and if you live a healthy happy balanced life, your body, immune system, overall health will definitely improve :)