Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anti-Candida Diet to help Cure & Heal Vitiligo

started on Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Since I've been slacking on my daily Lifestyle and Food choices (still Vegan though)
I want to start eating healthier again.

I was reading about CANDIDA again and how it may be linked to Vitiligo among other things and I want to do the Anti-Candida Diet.

I kinda feel like I want to have candidiasis,
It's silly I know, but that way, if it was really candidiasis that's affecting my health, at least I know what's affecting my Vitiligo and if I'm somewhat free of the candida, I might even cure my Vitiligo.
but then again, Vitiligo is also affected by a lot of other reasons, stress for one.

Do I expect the Anti-Candida Diet to Heal my Vitiligo ?
I know that I expect the Diet to make me healthier and happier.
That's one good Realistic Goal to make :)

Click here to read more about it on my other blog and what food I ate

I did the candida spit test today (28 oct 09, 10 am)
It's basically, yes a Spit test to find out whether or not you got candidiasis / yeast infection.
How ?
When you wake up in the morning, and before you even do anything,
Get a glass of water (use clear transparent glass), and spit into it, then observe.
It's said to check the water every 15 mins for up to an hour
But after I spat on the water, soon, I saw strings travelling down into the water from the saliva floating on top and then the "cloudy" saliva sinked to the bottom of the glass.
That may mean I have candidiasis.
(I have photos but they're not so clear so I decided not to upload them, and yup... they're kinda disgusting ;p take a look at others' photos on the net or even do your own)

The candida spit test might not be the most accurate way to find out whether or not you have candidiasis. (some even say it's a hoax)
There are other tests available, including blood test, skin allergy test, even the simple questionnaire test.

Candida can also be linked to thyroidism
and Candida can be linked to Vitiligo
and Vitiligo can be linked to Thyroidism
I'm just linking stuff here, so .... :)

But I'm thinking, these days , who doesn't have candida problems ?
We all have candida inside us naturally, but with all the sugary & fatty food consumption, We all have somewhat reduced our good bacterias and that makes the candida (bad bacteria)very very happy and grows and grows and we don't realize we have it until we notice something wrong.

More info on Candida

From Dr. Robert O Young's blog, he actually said that Sweet Fruits are not good for us.

Just read some more and some say that candida is an issue that comes from eating too much fat, not too much sugar.
This includes food fat (avocado, almonds, etc) so it's best to eat them in small amounts and not daily.

But this girl seem to free herself from candida just by doing water fasting and juice fasting

It's all so confusing, so many theories and everything results differently on each individual, so I'll just have to do what I think might be best for me and still being on the safe side and not overdo myself.

Anyway, when I think about it.....
after reading all the candidiasis symptoms (google it for more info)
I do have mood swings, feeling tired all the time, poor memory, trouble sleeping.
Those are not a definite sign of candidiasis, it may just be I work too much and lack sleep and that's why I get "cranky" and tired a lot ;p
(but I always have difficulty sleeping since I was a kid anyway)
But I also have Vitiligo and hey... it might all be linked together.
then again.. maybe not....Who knows ?
But I'm generally very healthy overall, I even very rarely got the flu.

I'm doing the Candida diet, no sugar and maybe lesser fat !!
I'm going to starve the candida by not eating sugar.
and I'll do this for a mere 1 week.... I know people say to do this diet for more than a week
But if I say more than a week, I get scared and might not do it at all, too much pressure on me :p
So I'm doing this for a week and I'll see what happens.
Boy this is going to be a tough week.
I just bought all kinds of fruits yesterday (all those lovely Mangoes, Melons, Apples, Grapes, etc)
I love my sweet fruits.... I know I'm allowed a very small portion of some fruits.
But I really feel like cutting back on all sugars and surviving on just vegetables.
No fruits, no fruit juice, no fruit smoothies.
If I can't do it I'll probably add little portion of fruits in my diet, just a little, maybe not.
*will power*
But I think it's gonna be totally fine, I just have to cut down sweet fruits, and maybe some soury fruits (oranges), oh maybe all fruits, but I'll still be eating the same food I've been eating for the past 6 months, (lots of organic vegs) so I think I'm still gonna enjoy my food :)
Plus I'm going to start organizing my sleeping routine, sleep early and wake up early and I'm going to get at least 15 mins of morning sun everyday and adding my skinfood routine.
And most importantly, just be happy and thankful everyday :)
besides, no sugar will do good for my eyes...:D
I want to start eye-exercise to see if it can improve my eyesight since I stay on the computer for long hours, but that's for a different post :)

I'm starting gym next week... I think when I do start exercising, I'm gonna need all those carbs and sugar to give me energy at the gym.
But we'll see.
I'm focusing on this 1 week first.
even if I don't have candida after all, it won't hurt me to do this No sugar diet.
(and no fried food, no rice/bread/pasta, no junk)

I promise I'll get my daily routine in order....
I'm forcing myself to go to bed at 10 pm the latest tonite,
I'll turn off the lights and stay on my bed no matter what
and I'll set up 5 alarms to wake up at 6 am tomorrow morning,
but I hope that I can naturally wake up just right before the alarm *will power* :)
No more excuses !!!! No more procrastinating !!

I also read that candida eliminating medicines doesn't really cure candidiasis, it only relieves the symptom and if you want to really fully eliminate candidiasis, you have to change your diet as to not feed the living "monster" inside of you with sugar.
I think of it as a monster inside of me and everytime I eat sugar, I'm feeding the monster.
It's cute right ;p

I'm also going to add supplements
such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus supplement to get more good bacteria
also I'm going to start on Cal-Mag-Zinc, B complex, Kelp, St. John's Wort, Virgin Coconut Oil,
and some other stuff, will do more research and will post more about it.
Some say Apple cider vinegar, oil of oregano, probiotics, grapefruit seed extract, garlic may also help eliminate candida, but that's just something I read from a website.
I'm thinking about trying Water Kefir (with coconut, fruit juice) but can't find Water Kefir Grain yet and will need to do more research.

So this is my short journey on the Anti-Candida Diet for a Healthier Life and who knows, it might even help Cure and Heal my Vitiligo
Read it here on my other blog
I don't know how it's gonna turn out, I'm still and I'll always be learning for new knowledge.
and in the future, of course I'd like to enjoy fruits and smoothies again :)

Update :
I didn't see any improvements on my Vitiligo
but Vitiligo is a slow process and I didn't expect any drastic change in 2 weeks time, but I know every little things I do to become healthier and happier counts for something.

Links that may be useful :
(I only use these sites to gather info and not to promote products)

Forum for Psoriasis, but they're talking about Candida HERE


PS. This is just my version of "Candida Diet" where I'm eliminating all sugar from my Diet and maybe lesser fat, but I've never taken too much of the good fats either, so I think I'm gonna do fine.
I'm now a Vegan, but all the basic Candida Diet for everyone (Non Vegans included) lists the same foods to avoid (which is sugar and processed food) , and it suggests to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and you can always add a good quality meat, fish, etc to your Diet.
What I do, hopefully, is also a mix of Alkaline Diet and Foods to avoid for Vitiligo Diet.
I eat plenty of Vegetables, hopefully more raw, good fats but not in excess (Avocado, raw almond, VCO, extra virgin olive oil) and I eat whenever I feel hungry, so I always eat enough.
I will not push myself, anytime I feel "off" or "weird" I won't force myself to continue this diet, which means whenever I feel like I need to, I'll allow complex carbs and fruits but I'll definitely not go for Fried Food, refined carbs and Refined sugars for now.

CAUTION : I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)


chris said...

Guess what I was married to a raw live food vegan yogi. I have vitiligo. Eating veggies and 100% raw most likley won't do a damn thing trust me i tried for three years. I do believe I am super human. I only way 155 and can through around two 300 lb football players with ease.My friends think I am hee man so maybe this is a trait for the evolving elite. However , I did not say eating healthy is bad I still eat 50% raw. I just dont buy into we were born vegitarian thing. The way our bodies are set up, vegans need suplements for a 100%raw diet. Green blue algee,sunfood nutrition stuff galore.... Our teeth and digestion are ment for chewing meet and frankly we would not be here without it. This is a proven fact. I like you're views on acceptance but it seems we are alone. Peace be with you stay possitive, that is the best defence. said...

Hi Chris,
Thanx for the comment :)
I'm now not 100% Vegan anymore, I've started eating everything again a few months back. But the learning process of finding out about healthy food has done a lot of good for me :) and I'll keep trying to eat healthily and live a balanced life :D
and you're right... staying positive and having fun living life to the fullest is our best defence :)