Monday, December 28, 2009

Healing Technique for Vitiligo

you may actually try this technique for everything :)

About 10 years ago, or so, my dad saw an ad in a Newspaper.
It said something like this
" I healed my cancer using a Healing Technique
Contact me to know about the Healing Technique
Free of charge"

It sounded like one of those scam, right ?
My dad was and is a healthy man, he just always have a slight problem with his digestion.
So he called the guy and asked him about it.
Me and my mum was totally skeptical about it and told my dad to be careful.

My dad called the guy and they talked for a while.
He explained the "Healing Technique" and offered him a cassette.
Aha !!! scam, right ?
The price of the cassette wasn't expensive, it only covered the basic price of the cassette, maybe a little bit more for his effort.
but it wasn't a scam.

The guy explained this technique, basically it's a technique we already knew and heard before.
But we never actually spend time to do it daily, so most of us don't even know if it worked or not.
The Healing Technique can be used for everyone, no matter what their religion is.
It can be used for any kind of illnesses or just as a relaxation technique.
Here Goes :
You may choose to sit or lay down,
Close your eyes and breathe.
Breathe with your stomach
There's a lot of different techniques about stomach breathing or deep breathing for Health, so I'm not going to discuss it here.
But I read that most of us is not breathing how we should, we breathe shortly while we should breathe deeper and bring the air to our stomach, something like that.
Anyway....he said,
Do a short prayers if you want, and just know that everything is possible with God.
As you breathe in, Imagine that you're breathing white pure air sent from God
and As the air enters your body, imagine it cleanses your entire body, starting from your nose to your head to your neck to your shoulder and hand and your body till your feet.
and Picture that you're bringing that air to the area that you want to heal.
and just focus there for a while, know that the pure air is Healing that area.
know that God is Healing you.
then As you breathe out, Picture a "dirty" air that absorbs all the negative energy or the sickness and it all went away as you breathe out.

Then do it all over again, Breathe in, breathe out
You're getting "cleaner" and healthier with each breath.

The cassette was like a mediation cassette, it basically had a healing calm song on the background
and his voice to guide you to "breathe in, imagine pure air, .................. breathe out"
and yes, we've lost the cassette.

But even after that,
my dad didn't really try the technique long enough to actually to see result.
and I, 10 years ago, I think I only tried that technique twice.
I think, as many of us , the so-called modern people, we get bored easily and we want fast result.

I should actually try the technique again.
Actually... there are a lot of Healing CD's out there.... try find one that works best for you :) or you can probably search on you tube :)

One important thing is, We should BELIEVE that we are Healing
We should BELIEVE that we are being Healed with each breathe.
We need to have Faith.

Try it,
1. Breathing is Good for you
2. Praying is Good for you
3. Combining Breathing and Prayers and Healing Technique is even better.
Just give it a try :)