Monday, December 28, 2009

Vitiligo and Prayers

Ah... Prayers....
The one thing that a lot of us go to when everything else fails.
When there are no other way, we start to pray, hoping for a miracle
Why do we only pray when things go bad ?
Why do we not pray and thank Him when things are good ?
Why don't we come to Him with gratitude on a regular basis ?
Why don't we even talk to Him at all ?
We can always start now :)
He's always here, waiting for us to come to Him, Ready to Listen and Bless us with His Grace.
So come to Him now in prayers, talk to Him.
and you'll find Peace.

We know Prayers are good.
Prayers strengthen us and bring us closer to Him.
Prayers allows us to be surrounded with positive energy.
Prayers also gives us a chance to ask for a miracle.
A miracle that comes according to His time, along with our efforts to Heal & Cure ourselves.
Prayers Heal.

I used to think that my Vitiligo is very minor and I didn't think it'd be appropriate for me to pray and focus on my Vitiligo in prayers.
and I didn't think I deserve to be healed.
But nothing is too small to ask in prayers and Everyone deserves to be Healed.

Praying doesn't always result in us being Healed physically.
But when you surrender yourself to God and allow Him to enter your heart.
You'll know that you're healed.
It doesn't matter if your Vitiligo still exist, it doesn't matter if other illnesses still exist.
Prayers help you get through it.
Prayers strengthen us.

and Prayers often results in a miracle
Prayers often Heal too.
That's why I'll keep on praying.
I'll keep on taking care of myself and try to find ways to Heal & Cure my Vitiligo.

I know I still feel "lazy" to pray
I was taught to pray before going to bed every night.
I remember when I was a kid, me and my parents used to sit together on their bed and pray together every night.
But lately, A lot of nights, before going to bed, I just say "Dear God, I'm going to go to bed now, I'll pray tomorrow morning"
and feel slightly guilty about it but I sleep anyway, or I'd just watch TV instead, and I don't pray the next morning and it happens all over again the next day and the day after and the day after....
But I know I should start praying again.
I know that prayers will also help me become a better kinder person.
Prayers will also help me see that being angry, not liking someone is useless.
Prayers also help me to forgive
Prayers make me realize that I'm very blessed and make me very thankful.
Prayers help me to relax, yes relax, because I leave all my worries and stress to Him.
I'm praying for a miracle, I'm praying to be healed
But most of all, I'm leaving it all in His hands, He knows what's best for us and His timing is Perfect.
So :)

"When I pray" by Daniel Nahmod