Monday, December 28, 2009

Vitiligo as a Blessing

What ?
I know that it may seem somewhat "strange" to call Vitiligo a blessing.

But Vitiligo has opened my eyes to new things.
1. Eating healthily
2. Taking care of myself
3. Staying healthy (exercising , healthy environment, happy stress-free life)
4. Prayers
5. Not judge a person from their appearance

So in a way, Vitiligo has taught me a lot about everything.
I learn so much from other people on the internet, sharing their stories and experiences.
Important Things that I might overlook if I didn't have Vitiligo.

The white mark on my skin that is Vitiligo is a reminder for me.
A reminder that color don't matter.
A reminder that stress and hatred and anger is totally useless
A reminder that I need to take care of myself by eating healthily, and just be grateful and be sincerely happy in Life
A reminder that whatever I do to heal and cure my Vitiligo, I still have to leave it up to Him to decide what's best for me.
so It's a reminder about everything in my Life.

Even though I'm not a perfect person, I'm trying to be a better person.
It's a journey.
and I'm glad that I can be blessed with Vitiligo as my personal reminder to become a better person.
I know I'll remain hopeful and I'll keep on trying to cure and heal my vitiligo.
and even though I wish that my Vitiligo goes away, somehow, at this point right now, I feel that it's okay that I have Vitiligo.
and that's a nice feeling :)

"I am so blessed" by Karen Drucker


Dr. Miriam Kinai said...

Thank you.

How can people follow your blog?

falling-too-deep said...

Hi, firstly i wanna thank you for starting this blog. I'm a 20-yr-old girl recently diagnosed with vitiligo. I just found out for sure today that it can't be cured and was really depressed about it until i came upon your blog. Your way of life now have encouraged me to strive and do the same too. I have a pessimistic personality and thinks negatively. Your cheery spirit here is really helping. May i ask what treatments have you done so far? I have spots on my face as well as my legs now. said...

Hi there :)

what started me on a healthy lifestyle was actually this blog-journal started by Eric Fricker for his daughter who has vitiligo.
take a look there, lots of useful info :)

what I've done so far, you can read it here :)

and here

Just like everyone else, I also have my ups and down, and I can also be pessimistic and think negatively, but the moment that negative feeling hit, it's up to us to change it to something positive :), so it's a journey, a good one too :D