Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vitiligo Result after 7 months

So it's almost 7 months after I started being a Healthy Vegan to see if I can Cure and Heal my Vitiligo.

Results so far ?
I still have Vitiligo... I don't think I've started repigmenting.
Before you push away Veganism as an option, here's what I think I did wrong.
It's my own fault... although I started eating healthily, I still stay on old habit of
- Sleeping Late at night (I stay up till I get way too tired before I go to bed) === Very Bad !!!
- Not getting the Morning Sun
- Have been eating Fried Food and Refined Sugar lately
- I haven't been my Happiest self Lately

So in short, I haven't been living a healthy Balanced Life.
I also haven't been exercising and I know that makes me happy, but I'm starting in November ;)
Wow right.... In 7 months time, my "strong" will to cure and Heal Vitiligo has fluctuated up and down, sometimes I get so motivated, some days I get so lazy and not make an effort for my Vitiligo.
I need to be consistent !!!

Even though I wrote about Alkaline Diet, Foods to avoid, Candida and Vitiligo,
I still procrastinate on having a Healthier Diet.
I really do enjoy my Crispy Fried Food and my Desserts :)

but I want to start a Healthier Lifestyle again now
will update on the Anti-Candida Diet